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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the personal data we collect about you for the purpose of providing you with our services. Its aim is to provide you with simple, clear, and comprehensive information about the personal data processing concerning you, implemented by the company ToumAI as the data controller. For more information on our terms & conditions follow the link below.

1- Who is the data controller?


The company ToumAI, which operates the ToumAI Voice Analytics website (hereinafter ToumAI Analytics) and whose head office is located at 33 Av Wester Wemyss, 06150 Cannes - France, is responsible for processing the personal data you provide directly on our site: 


2- What data do we collect, for what purpose, and on what legal basis?


2.1 Data we collect directly from you.


This includes data you provide us:

- Through our website when you use a contact form: we use these data (including your name, first name, email address, phone number) to contact you with the most relevant information for you and to send you quotes and/or assist you if this request concerns our customer support.

- Through our website when you use the "Login" or "Account Creation" tab: when you log in through our website, we use your data to ensure your access to the design space, the back office of the ToumAI Analytics platform. When using the design space, your data will be used and stored to guarantee optimal use of the ToumAI Analytics platform: access to your chatbots, your backups and statistics, management of user rights, etc.

- If you are a user of the ToumAI Analytics interface, in the context of your use, we may also collect personal information about you such as: your name, email address, phone number, VAT number, company name and address. These details are mandatory for managing your account in case of billing and commercial relationship.


ToumAI Analytics only processes your data to the extent necessary for the purposes for which they were obtained.


2.2 Data we collect when you interact with the site.


Our site uses "cookies". By using it, you agree to receive cookies on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. They do not collect personal information about you, but we use these cookies to understand which sections are consulted and functionalities used on our site. The services deploying cookies are: Google Analytics and Intercom. Generally, your internet browser allows you to refuse the storage and/or use of these cookies. ToumAI Analytics remains usable without access to these cookies.


If you are a user of ToumAI Analytics’ optional plugins to use Google (Gmail, Google Sheets, Authentication) or Facebook - Meta (Messenger, Authentication) services. Your service identifiers (tokens) for Meta - Facebook and/or Google authorized to access the services remain confidential and only usable by your own account. The data exchanged with these services are limited to the uses you define yourself. ToumAI will not read or write any data outside the usage you have set. ToumAI remains usable without access to these services, and we recommend not activating them if you do not need them.


If you are a visitor to a chatbot created by a ToumAI Analytics interface user, we do not collect data on users except for an anonymous "local storage" of your browser used to link your browser to a conversation with a chatbot. We only store what the chatbot designer decides to collect and retain or transmit to their own infrastructure. Publishers must include in their chatbots a way for users to contact them to request the possible deletion of their data, via displaying the link to the publisher's website or another means of contact. The chatbot publisher is therefore responsible for what they decide to collect and transfer. The publisher can contact us to request the deletion of data temporarily stored with us, but we cannot process a direct request from a user without prior agreement from the publisher.

2.3 Management of data deletion


ToumAI provides chatbot designers with tools on the interface (back-office) to manage the deletion of collected data.

Total deletion of users and data (beyond 30 days) Granular deletion of data through the resetting of variables (in real time)


3- Who is the recipient of the collected data?


Personal data collected by ToumAI Analytics in the context of the contact form or account creation are intended only for ToumAI Analytics and will not be communicated to third parties. Each processing limits the internal recipients entitled to access and process the concerned data.


4- What is the retention period for the collected personal data?


Personal data is retained for the time necessary to achieve the purpose for which they were collected or in accordance with legal requirements. 

The retention period varies depending on several factors, including:

- The needs of ToumAI Analytics’ activities; Contractual requirements; Legal obligations (insurance, taxation, human resources, etc.); -

- Recommendations of the control authorities.


Data related to the management of prospects, clients, and suppliers are collected and retained:

- for contracts: the duration of the contractual relationship and for five (5) years following the end of the contractual relationship;

- for requests from prospects not leading to the conclusion of a contract, one (1) year from the collection or the last contact from the prospect.


Your data may be retained beyond our contractual relationship, for example, to defend our rights in court, to provide you with documents you no longer have in your possession, or to meet our legal obligations. Beyond the planned duration, your personal data will be definitively deleted.

Regarding data collected in chatbots, they are under the responsibility of the publishers (2.2) and ToumAI provides tools to manage the deletion of these data (2.3).


5- Contact details of the DPO


For any information or exercise of your rights regarding the personal data processing managed by ToumAI Analytics, you can contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) By email at the following address: 

You also have the right to contact the National Commission for Informatics and Liberties (CNIL), 3 Place de Fontenoy - TSA 80715 - 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07, with any complaint relating to how ToumAI collects and processes your data.


​6- Links to third-party sites


The ToumAI Voice Analytics website may contain links to platforms of sites or social media managed on third-party servers, by persons or organizations over whom the company has no control.

As such, ToumAI Analytics cannot be held responsible for how your data will be stored or used on third-party servers. We advise you to read the personal data protection policy of each third-party website you access via our site to appreciate how your personal data will be used.

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