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We believe in technology serving inclusion

Our IT Startup specializes in inclusive multilingual voice of customers solutions, designed for global customer service. Our mission is to revolutionize customer service, ensuring efficient, inclusive solutions for every customer, regardless of language or ability.

This is How We Started


ToumAI was founded on both sides of Mediterranean


First LLM models in Africa

First POCs with large Banks & Infrastructures


Launched our first version of ToumAI Voice Analytics in Africa


Won Best Startup in Inclusive Customer Service

Playing with Mobile Phone

ToumAI was founded in June 2020 as a spin off from an AI Moroccan Lab - AIOX Labs   and by a European-African multicultural, diverse and talented team believing in technology serving inclusivity & sustainability.

From cutting-edge academic research to practical application, our team combines PhDs and industry leadership to solve the problem of under-resourced languages, multicultural communities and inclusion through our award-winning solutions.


After several years in corporates, we all wanted to aim for a real positive impact. Therefore, we decided to join our skills to build a startup that makes sense.

The AI we developed is enabling us to understand thousands of dialects, but for which aim ?

We decided to dedicate this technical ability to support ventures willing to better understand their stakeholders and improve their local impact.

Indeed, we believe in the power of language and cultural diversity to connect and enrich our world. Our commitment to understanding and embracing dialects is at the heart of our approach. We recognize that every dialect represents a unique cultural identity and perspective.


By integrating this understanding into our voice technologies, we're not just enhancing communication – we're fostering deeper, more meaningful connections.


Our dedication to linguistic inclusivity is more than a feature; it's our promise to ensure everyone feels heard and valued. We're paving the way for a future where businesses thrive on diversity and inclusivity, creating a more connected and sustainable world for all.

Welcome to a place where every voice matters.

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