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Unified Multilingual CX

ToumAI merges multilingual & generative voice analytics for customer relationship management.

Let us manage your international contact center flawlessly and be on top of inclusion & everything your customers need.

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Efficient Customer Service Analytics
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Improve Customer Satisfaction & Inclusion in emerging markets with ToumAI Voice Analytics

ToumAI allows all customers voices to be understood, leading to higher customer satisfaction. Our analytics & gen-AI platform is easy to use and will help you improve & keep the best level of customer service including in emerging markets

Customer Voices Multilingual

Customer Knowledge & Inclusion

With ToumAI Voice Analytics customers problems can easily be identified & solved in any language or dialect. The best way to avoid misunderstanding to reduce Customer Interactions & Churn. 

Easy Contact Center Workflow
Efficient Customer Service

Seamless Integration with Your Systems & Budget

ToumAI Voice Analytics integrates easily with your existing Customer Contact software and systems, adding measurable value with transparent costs. Our models learn from your company and interactions to deliver the most appropriate recommandations for a maximum impact on your KPIs (Churn, FCR, NPS...) thanks to a very high level of knowledge at local costs.

Customer Service Voices

Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

ToumAI Voice Analytics provides real-time analytics and reporting, giving you valuable insights into your customer experiences & expectations. Our platform allows you to make data-driven decisions and improve your customer service performance & impact. Our Gen-AI helps you navigate customer's feedbacks data in order to move faster.

Voice Analytics

Trusted by the Best in the Industry


Hear It from Our Customers

Customer Voice Analytics feedback
“ToumAI Voice Analytics has exceeded our expectations. Our customer service can now make decisions based on customer sentiment & non biased analytics, more knowledge - more impact.”

Adam, CX Director, Telco

How ToumAI Voice Analytics Makes Your Life Easier

Maximized Customer Knowledge

Reduced time to insight to improve KPIs

Predictive recommendation powered by AI

Reduce your # of interactions & reduce Churn

Transform Your Customer Service with ToumAI Voice Analytics

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