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Do you really know what is happening locally?

Data intelligence for better impact

We help you understand better your stakeholders when doing business in Africa & improve your impact through data aggregation & analysis backed by AI.

We bridge the data gap between performance and impact investments, reducing risks to move faster toward a more sustainable growth on the continent

Diversity & Inclusion Award 2022-2023

Better Data for Better Impact

The AI we developed is enabling us to understand thousands of African dialects, but for which aim ?

We decided to dedicate this technical ability to support ventures willing to better understand Africa and improve their environmental and social impact on the continent.

Indeed, sustainability initiatives by foreign companies operating in the Global South are frequently not adapted to local needs. They are often struggling because understanding dialects and monitoring the right data in Africa are huge challenges.


We seek to influence the regulations on the continent, developing local standards with accurate dedicated ESG indicators for international ESG Reporting.

Unlock the power of multi-channel ESG data intelligence with powerful analytics

It allows companies & investors to access & aggregate multiple local African data sources to be analyzed through our NLP (Natural Language Processing) and ML (Machine Learning) technology no matter the dialect or language used on the continent.

Our local & cross-sector markets KPI and ESG indicators all rely on transparent & scientific methodologies.

Image by Carlos Muza
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